Jul-2022: Cooperation with Nash Technologies

Nash Technologies Starts Cooperation with Krishu Global Tech Solutions

July 18, 2022:  

Nash Technologies, a globally leading company in software development in embedded environments and ATE engineering in the field of semiconductor testing today announces its cooperation with Krishu Global Tech Solutions. Krishu Global Tech Solutions is based in India. This cooperation enables Nash Technologies to add further capacity in application engineering to meet our increasing customer demands.

This is the first time that Nash Technologies Germany cooperates directly with an Indian-based company on its core business. This partnership is designed to be beneficial for both companies. Nash Technologies and its customers will benefit from timely and high-quality global talent for development of ATE test solutions. Krishu Global Tech Solutions will get access to the growing European semiconductor market.

“Our Nash India team will be ramped up in the coming months and is expected to be fully operational by the end of the year”, says Georg Pielage, CEO of the Nash Technologies Group. “Nash Technologies is already a multi-national high-tech company. The partnership with Krishu Global Tech Solutions is a consequent step to develop our strategy of growing our business in semiconductor ATE test development.“

“We are excited to be working with Nash Technologies Germany. Collaborating with Nash Technologies enables us to extend our services to European Semiconductor Market. Our partnership will strengthen both parties to increase the capacity to meet emerging customer demands.” says Krishnaveni Modsu, Managing Director of Krishu Global Tech Solutions Pvt Ltd.

About Nash Technologies

Nash Technologies specializes in software development in embedded environments and ATE engineering in the field of semiconductor testing. We are located in Boeblingen, Germany, with offices in Nuremberg and Cologne, as well as in Rome and Milano, Italy. Our customers are leaders in the semiconductor, railway, automotive and telecommunications industries. We deliver complete projects, provide competent experts, develop customer-specific solutions, and offer professional services. We are active throughout Europe, with a regional focus in Germany. As a strategic partner of Advantest Europe in the areas of application engineering and product development, we contribute to the further development of innovative technologies and solutions for the semiconductor industry.

About Krishu Global Tech Solutions

Krishu Global Tech Solutions is a trusted partner and a leading service provider for global technology solutions and manpower. Our services include software development, application engineering, software test, technical support, and technical documentation. We are located in Hyderabad, India. We develop application test programs for Automatic Test Equipment in semiconductor industry. We are strategic partner of Nash Technologies Germany GmbH.


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