About Us

Krishu Global Tech Solutions is a trusted partner and a leading service provider for global technology solutions and manpower. Our services include ATE Engineering ,software development,application engineering, software test, technical support and technical documentation.


  • ATE Engineering
  • Software development
  • Software testing
  • Product/Application maintenance and support
  • System maintenance support
  • Documentation management
  • Process consulting
  • Staffing and Recruitment
  • Product training management

Leading Services Solutions Manpower Software Development Application Engineering Software Testing Application Maintenance Product Support

ATE Engineering

We develop application test programs for Automatic Test Equipment in semiconductor industry. We are strategic partner of Nash Technologies (Germany).
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Software development

We deliver smart solutions using our agile, customer-focused approach, leveraging mainstream and emerging technologies to build custom software products that are smart, robust, scalable and secure.
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Software testing

Our software testing team uses the latest technology and the best practices to ensure your product and applications are delivered to the highest quality standards.
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Why Krishu?

We are experts in technology, delivering smart solutions that solve business challenges and create value. We understand the customer requirements very well. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We work as a part of your team and align ourselves with your business mission, values, culture, and processes to maximize the efficiency and ROI.